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The Residential

Our current exhibition venue is The Residential, an apartment gallery in the Crane Building. It has its very own Web site. See upcoming and previous exhibits at

Transient Gallery

In 2013, Mat Greiner was looking for an unusual space to use as an art gallery. When he mentioned this to Mike Gustafson of Nestcraft Studio, Mike immediately said, "I have a little office room in the front of my wood shop. We can use that."

Over two years, Transient Gallery staged 17 exhibits featuring 24 artists from Iowa, from across the US, and a few from around the world.

Transient Gallery's last three shows occurred in July of 2015, during Art Week Des Moines.


Peter Goché

Michael Kozien


Moira Bateman

Joe Biel

Nathan Carder

Christopher Chiavetta

Edward Kelley

Jennifer Lawler

Emily Newman

Operation France

Tom Prinz

Luke Severson


Gardner - Dubin - Kowalski

Katie Hargrave

John Huffman

Kathranne Knight

Jomepour - Kraft - Miller

Jason S. Yi