Operation France: RIFT
Curated by Michael Kozien
Saturday, July 12th 2014 at 7pm

OPERATION FRANCE: RIFT is the artist’s attempt to visualize an understanding of nationalism as it relates to their country of origin and role in the global community. The dialogue created investigates a country’s distinctive connection with issues of social justice, world politics, body politics, race, gender, inequality, and the artist’s role in contemporary culture.

OPERATION FRANCE is a creative art project based in Chicago, USA. Directed by founder Michael Kozien, OPERATION FRANCE operates as an artist-run initiative presenting work through galleries, alternative spaces, public spaces, online, lectures and publications. Our mission is to foster partnerships with creative individuals of different cultural and national backgrounds who are engaged in a professional process of creating, discussing, networking, researching and exhibiting art. Artists working with OPERATION FRANCE promote conceptually challenging work reflecting current global concerns. of politics, societal issues, economics and social inequality. 

Participating artists:
Reg Carremans, Belgium
Reginald Coleman, USA
Christopher Hickey, Iceland
Paul Somers, USA
Arne Svalstog, Norway
Melody Woodnutt, Australia