A local artisan's jewelry show and fundraiser for Transient Gallery. 52 Brooches opens April 5th at 7pm.

Jen Lawler's show, 52 Brooches, is a brief and exciting sidestep for Transient Gallery. We are continuing our commitment to be a noncommercial space for underrepresented artwork, but are also pleased to present work from the vibrant local community of artisans and artists who make things that also exist for function and fashion. A percentage of sales from this show will go to support Transient Gallery's modest operating costs, and to provide assistance to upcoming artists or infrastructure needs.

In 52 Brooches, Jen Lawler of Jen Lawler Designs presents a series of brooches, made once a week throughout 2013. Some are driven by the whimsy of an upcoming holiday or a lighthearted spark of creative impulse, others came from the navigation of the artist's personal life experiences.

Local jewelry maker, Jen Lawler Design's work can be found at 2AU Gallery, The Des Moines Art Center's gift shop, The Dundee Gallery, Chait Gallery, and the Campbell Steele Gallery. Visit her online at You may find her list of Art shows on both her Etsy website as well as her facebook business page,