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Maria Molteni and Networks with Viva East Bank

In partnership with the Viva East Bank Neighborhood Association and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Neighborhood, Chicken Tractor brought Maria Molteni to conduct one of her Net Works workshops. Seventeen youth from the neighborhood hung out with us, learned the rote pleasure of finger weaving, and collaboratively constructed a basketball net hung on the courts at the Community Center in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. 

Maria's practice includes her founding of the international artist's collective, the NCAA, the New Craft Artists in Action. Encouraging participation over spectatorship, the NCAA uses multiple media and experiences to combine the core virtues of athleticism with those of art-making. Especially exciting is the way these interventions quiestion assumptions about where these activities take place, and who participates in them.

Maria exhibited with us at the Residential, and her web sites are here:



Maria Molteni