Are you submitting a grant to the Iowa Arts Council or considering applying for one in the future? Anyone who has served on one of the IAC grant review panels KNOWS how valuable they are for honing your grantwriting skills. Struggling over including everything you ever did because you are worried your project isn't good enough? Read 20-30 grants and you will realize what is and is not important. Not sure about how much to flesh out your timeline and budget? Wade through the good, the bad and the ugly for an afternoon and you will understand what it takes to communicate clearly to someone who doesn't know you or your project from a hole in the ground.


For this workshop, the intrepid Veronica O'Hern from the IAC will be getting actual past grant applications and scoring rubericks to our participants ahead of time so that they can read and score them before we meet. Then she will lead a mock panel review where we discuss and debate the scores and get feedback from Veronica about what the state is looking for. This is going to be an amazing opportunity. Trust us. We KNOW.

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