• Salisbury House (map)
  • 4025 Tonawanda Drive
  • Des Moines, IA, 50312
  • United States

Three emerging Iowa artists present new work at the Garage at the Salisbury House. Heidi Wiren Bartlett of Iowa City, Candida Pagan of Iowa City, and Tatiana Klusak of Des Moines are each presenting new bodies of work. 

The Bridgework series of exhibitions will develop annually, offering emerging artists opportunities to exhibit in newly professional settings and in dialogue with curators and preparators. Bridgework is developed in partnership with neighboring Midwest arts organizations. In January, Des Moines will host a combined exhibit showing the work of the three Iowa Bridgework artists alongside the work from artists selected in Wisconsin by the Plum Blossom Initiative and in Nebraska selected by Darger HQ.

Bridgework IA opens Oct. 12, from 6–8, and includes work by
Heidi Wiren Bartlett
Candida Pagan 1 and 2
Tatiana Klusak

On January 12th, those artists will exhibit alongside our partners' emerging artists:
Darger HQ, NE
Sam Hardewig
Rosana Ybarra
Michael Villarreal

Plum Blossom Initiative, WI
Dominic Chambers
Maxwell Cozzi