• Transient Gallery (map)
  • 121 12th St
  • West Des Moines, IA, 50265
  • United States

On September 20th at 7pm, Nathan Carder opens a collection of current sculptural work at Transient Gallery. Unfolding from his summer travels through China, Carder’s work considers conceptions of repetition as meditation and gaining spiritual merit. A large focus sees civilized societies as identical, while vast differences endure in the details. Carder’s artistic practice emulates the interplay of sameness and difference. Urbanized and spiritual practices both clear the mind and neutralize it, allowing heightened cultural vibrancy. Through nostalgia for a culture of another and one’s own, Carder brings to us a vision of the simplicity of significance. Carder is originally from the Des Moines area, and is a Drake University alumni. He currently lives and works in Chicago.