• Transient Gallery at Nestcraft Studios (map)
  • 121 12th St
  • West Des Moines, IA 50265
  • US

Transient Gallery welcomes exciting new work by Iowa native Peter P. Goché. Graphically compelling, the pieces in Field Notes are tactile and viscous.

Peter P. Goché’s Field Notes will include one large and three small works, each of which are as painterly as they are sculptural. Working out of an obsolete agricultural building, Peter assembles found detritus on the top of laboriously scraped and worked thick and viscous ink which sinks into or piles up as a considered but irregular grid on top of a plywood substrate. Iridescent colors from oxidation arise, creating rainbow effects as one might see in oil slicks on rain puddles, and other areas penetrate the wood and promote the appearance of its natural grain. The overall effect is one of painterly effort and graphic impact. It points towards the way humans have worked and reworked our land, and asks for reflection on the labor, the production, and the legacy of our endeavors for subsistence and survival.