"Fear"  neon by Michael Kozien

On October 26th at 7pm, Transient Gallery will open its doors for the first time and present selected works from Chicago-based artist Michael Kozien's Slow Burn. Composed of cast bronze sculptures, video projections and computer animations, Slow burn will make every inch of Transient's indoor and outdoor areas will be thrilling to see.

Head over to Michael's bio page to learn more about him. He has exhibited and attended residencies internationally and been reviewed in the New York Times and other prominent publications. An artist statement for Slow Burn an new images will be added over the next ten days.

For more information or for press inquiries, please use the contact form by clicking on the mail icon on the upper right of the Transient site. 

Transient gallery is a nascent presence in Des Moines. Striving to become a major attraction to serious art lovers, it is, nonetheless, quite modest. Through the generous support of Nestcraft Studio, Transient has a committed space to operate in. We're working hard to get everything ready–online and on the ground–so we can start getting shows booked. Two extraordinary artists have expressed strong interest, and two more are watching for openings in their schedules. We just have to get paint on the walls, art in the door, and press releases to the papers. Get ready Des Moines.