Share this right now. Diana Arce has agreed to help Transient Gallery by corresponding on art and arty stuff from Chicago. She'll be using Twitter, Instagram, and (soon) our Facebook page to help you stay current on things. Interesting things. Art things from Chicago.

She has strict instructions to follow her own interests. If she does half of what she's sniffed out already, we're in for a fantastic treat.

The point is this: So far, Transient Gallery's social media could generously be described as "slow." It should still wax and wane, as no one expects Diana to give us her every waking moment, but there is reason to pay attention starting this weekend. 

Diana has a sharp and inquisitive mind, an impressive professional history, a predilection for works on paper, and is a splendid person. I'm enthusiastically looking forward to everything she can find time to do for us, and I hope you will share Transient Gallery widely to build her audience.

Don't forget, Peter P. Goché's Field Notes is this Saturday, Dec. 7th. It will be cold outside but I guarantee the show is worth it. We will offer some warm cider and maybe peppermint tea. 

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