Some people like to speed when they're late. Others dilly-dally no matter what. I always have a mental image of a train. When one starts a journey–late, early, whenever–the cars go on the rails. Speed might change the destination by a minute or a second, but rarely will an extra bathroom break make a significant change in the outcome. 

Tomorrow is the day that I start to paint a few very small, very dark walls with a lot of white paint. When that is done, Transient Gallery will be ready to install its very first artist. Out of three months of quite a lot of effort, this painting will be the most tangible work of the opening, and it will be rewarding. I will post a few process pictures. 

After the opening (Saturday night, you know) I should be able to give more concrete information about some of the upcoming artists.

My trip to the space tomorrow will take as long as it takes. The paint will dry in its time, and I will apply new coats as I am able. Let me assure you, I am not writing about fate nor destiny. I am, however, excited that there is a series of short steps between now and Saturday night, and the event is almost here.

Watch this site and Facebook for new images and artist's statements.