THREE exhibits

To help the inaugural Art Week Des Moines be totally jam packed, Chicken Tractor staged three exhibits. One public art piece, one group show, and a local artist's first gallery show, which was also the last Transient Gallery show in the sweet little office space at Nestcraft Studio.

Terraform at the Haggerty Museum, Milwaukee. 2013.

Jason S. Yi

An artist from Milwaukee, Wi, Jason S. Yi is a 2015 recipient of the Joan Mitchell grant. His public work, Terraform, created in the Capital Square atrium, was seen by over 2,000 people every day just over the lunch rush. Others, presumably, saw it before and after lunch.

You can read more here, and also at Jason's Web site.

Jason is a founder of the Pitch Project, and also of the Plum Blossom Initiative, which began the Bridge Work program, and was excited to partner with Chicken Tractor and Darger HQ to make it into a multi-state event.

Staci and Sara read some of Kraft's comic opera, Here Comes Kitty.  

Staci and Sara read some of Kraft's comic opera, Here Comes Kitty.  

Town Square

Town Square combined three perspectives of common spaces and alienation. Jeff Miller's work, the documentation and artifacts of a project in which school children drew their dream careers and then donned handmade 'laborer' halloween costumes, found commonalities in the spaces of work and education, and intimated a Marxist alienation. Richard Kraft's epic comic opera, Here Comes Kitty, (reviews linked in BOMB, and in Hyperallergic) wrestled with heavy politics and the legacy of military occupations, but shrouded this struggle in a dadaist collage and poetry assemblage. The result is beautiful, haunting, and isolating in its absurdity. Rahele Jomepour exhibited paintings with an endlessly imaginative density, a Wonderland describing her hallucinogenic experiences of hedonism and oppression in both America, and her native Iran.  She additionally exhibited small built collages of censored daily life both sad and hilarious.

John at the mercy of his own creation. Photo by Michael Watson.

Pizza Party

John Huffman created a dystopic pizza party as the last exhibit in the Transient Gallery location. Pizzas were ordered and the Nintendo had a waiting line. John is also an active musician with the Autumn Project and now, Karen Meat and the computer.